Monday, November 30, 2009


Howdy there everyone! So I haven't written in sometime, I got back from the apple harvest beginning of November and settled for the time being in Asheville NC, Jareds got a buncha pals here and we have settled in purty well so far. I have started my crafts again, I dont have any of my silkscreening supplies so I am making due with alot of feather pallets and wood burning. I ordered some linoleum blocks and I will start doing my prints from these blocks! I am excited to try this out, the prints will be a whole different story!

We are heading back to New Hampshire in January to do winter apple tree pruning.. Basically walking around in the freezing cold with sticks with chainsaws atop of them.... I plan on doing alot of crafting while I am there also, seeming how jared and I will be the only ones there this time around in that big ole scarey house.

Anyway this week I plan on posting a few new feather pallets and head gear, a dress, stockings, and maybe some wood burnings.. So I know I have been out of commission for awhile but Im back and here to stay!!!!