Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So just the other day I sat in front of my sewing machine and made a good amount of pillow cases, all different sizes, I made it with this wonderful cotton canvas colored fabric. Then I went and got myself some fabric dye and started a dye bath last night. I did 3 pillow cases teal, and will do the others today with a wine or a dark green maybe even a peacock blue. But I will be putting prints on them this after noon and posting them on the site later this evening. Defintly exciting I love having pretty things on my bed, and they are just so soft, and they smell great! You guys will totally enjoy them as much as me!

Also! for the ladies.... I just got a bunch of full length slips and I will be printing on them as well this afternoon, so if you are a slip lady like me and plan on wearing nothing but slips this summer, you are in for a treat. Dont forget to go and check it out later!