Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well ok!

So I have slacked off the past couple of days, we went to rainbow river springs and went tubing and it was awesome the water was gorgeously crystal clear and cold and it was wonderful... to top if off i saw 6 otters! Boy were they too cute for words.. I definitely was having little cute attacks every time I saw one. Next time totally bringing the water camera for excellent photos.

I got a custom order request the other day from a little lady,Amanda who is too sweet, and I cant wait to get to know her a bit more. She purchased 4 shirts and requested I make a screen of her pup Andy with his Frisbee , and print 10 t-shirts. I sent out her package the other day and added some little extra thank yous in there including a screen print of my doggie Skizm. I am so excited about this project its right up my alley, just the thing I love to do. She sent me the photos today and I am about to get started on drawing him now. I'll give you all the play by play as it goes on.

In other projects, I have so many ideas and no time to work on all of them, But more headbands and bloomers are on the top of that list. Also I have been looking for a cheap but good adjustable mannequin so I can make some of these dresses real and not just sitting in my imagination so if anyone has the scoop on something like that let a lady know!