Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd custom order finished!

What a cute little fanny pack.. eh? I found the bag at the thrift store and the sail boats was orginally a handle so i sewed it down the side of the pack. then attached some vintage red fabric to hold the clippy arms on and gave it a hammerhead shark..

this nice fellah from my town requested a cute fanny pack for his girlfriend. He said she lives florida and likes florida and sea creatures, so i figured the blue and the sailboats plus the shark would be just perfect. I sure hope he likes it

4 new shirts posted for the fellahs!

get 'em while theyre hot.. and while they are on sale...

wonderful..wonderful prints, wolves,lighthouses,octopus...need I say more.. give it a look boys.

Buy Handmade

Little sale going on to make room for new!!

I got a sale happening for the next few days! I needed to make a little room, my sewing table and closet is getting a little crazy, and I am about to start so many new projects. So I am doing a buy one get one half off tee shirts sale. Get them while theyre hot ladies and gents...

Coming soon to a whiskeydogprintshop near you:
Vintage slips turned into bloomers
felt animals stuffed with stuffing and sand so they can stand for you!
Coin purses
boy oh boy I am a crazy lady sometimes!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

working totally stinks,,

I worked today and this restaurant the best place you could imagine working, everyone is great there. Its complimentary mimosas and bloody marys.. for the customers and me! but still all day I wished I was at home working on projects.. then I say hey ill do it when i get home, but then i get home and dont feel any motivation or inspiration.. what a bummer......

good thing we just put the pool back up. katie and i jumped right in that sucker and swam the hot florida weather of only april away.

Time to kick myself in the butt and finish a tank top project I got goin on...

OH YEAH... also I am going to set up a photo shoot day where i ask all my real cute girl pals to come over and model for me... we'll all dress up take pictures drink some cocktails and go swimming... maybe a bbq sounds fun to me! PLus ill have excellent photos for the site, not like the old ones are bad, but they are all just silly

Friday, April 24, 2009

wow sale numba 5

I can't believe this quickly out of nowhere people have been buying things from me.. I never thought it would make me feel this damn awesome! thanks everyone for being so god damn swell and appreciating me and buying things from me, you make me feel like the most specialist lady in the whole universe.

buck up buckaroo

Our cat gordon as been missing now for a week and a half, and I have been keeping myself and my mind so busy to not let it really set in that hes most likely gone for good. But now I cant keep myself from thinking about him. So there it is I am admitting my own defeat and caving in to it, but first step is admitting it right??

I know everyone out there is thinkin hes just a cat, but he sure wasnt just a cat. Skizm raised him and zelda since they were tiny kittens, lying infront of the closet picking them up ever so gently when he got out and would return them to the closet, he loves them. They both picked up alot of dog characteristics. Gordon.. he loves water ever since he was a baby he would jump into the shower with me and sit in the back and get completely soaked, he climbs into the sink as soon as i finish the dishes and sits under the stream of water trying to catch it going down the drain. Here some photos just so you can see how lovely of a man he is.

Feathers how I love feathers!

Here is the feather head sleeve I made for a gal named cherry who lives in CT I believe is where I sent it. Its gorgeous, i got to use to bluejay feathers my pal Doug collected for me. I tried fancing it up for her, I didnt leave any seams raw, I hemmed everything. I sure hope she loves it

Thursday, April 23, 2009

today is the day

Today I got wonderfully brand new bright colored 100% organic cotton t shirts
I am thinking I am going to put a wolf on all of them, including a tag telling all about the situation on the mexican grey wolf, and what we can do to help them. I know its cheesy with you know "save the animals" and all but I DO want to save the animals.... and so should you!!

Anyway keep an eye on the shop for these lovely tees!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All caught up!

And time to start making some new things, out of yummy colors of felt!! I was thinking of little animals which consist of stuffing and sand to stand up. Also found a couple shirts with their top half cut off, which of course i snatched right away and printed on them, now I am constructing an amazing comfortable top and it gave me a wonderful idea including summerdresses and suspenders!

I have so many ideas, i need a book just to jot everything down as it pops up. Point is I have booked a showcase spot on the 26th and I really want to get a bunch of new stuff up before then. I just printed and dyed so many slips I need to do a photoshoot, hopefully pop out a couple of headbands before then too.. oh geez i need a nother me!

thinking about...

buying some fancy shirts from american apparel and selling them for a bit more on the shop, because well some people like those brand new fancier shirts to the recycled ones, also it will give me sizes and colors to choose from.. bad idea or good idea?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finished my first custom order!

SO today I finally completely my very first custom order. 5 grey cardigans with matching wolf howling prints on the right side. I think they came out super great, they look so sharp. I am going to request a photo from the kids who are buying them of them all together with them on. I sure hope they fit them well, and they like them, and the print lasts a lifetime. I want to make a couple of little presents to throw into the package to show my appreciation for this opportunity they gave me. I had a real good time thinking it up for them and making it for them, I think it has become my most favorite print so far. SO just letting ya'll know I am totally up for doing things like this, if you got an idea you want in ink let me know and we'll see if I can whip it up for yah.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am home and busy as ever!

So I got home on Saturday night. I had a real good time up there and I miss them all very much so already. While I was up there a gal bought a shirt from me, and the day I got home another gal bought a headband offa me. Also I need to finish printing those cardigans and get those photos up today. Also a birthday package I just remembered! SO all in all I have a whole lotta stuff to do and get sent out by tomorrow I hope to have them sent out. I am really trying to get things out surprisingly fast and I want to figure out a little free gift to throw into the package to show my appreciation for them taking interest in the stuff I make. No one knows how amazing it makes me feel to be doing all of this and people appreciating it enough to spend some money on it

After tomorrow, after I send out all these packages I am going to make a new screen!! wooo yay isn't that exciting?! You all will just love it! I am going to leave it a surprise until it is finished!

To come this week------WOLF SHIRTS/SLIPS

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming home..

I will be getting int st.petersburg later on tonight. It will be nice to see my dog, i had a dream he fought with a 3 legged dog last night.. and i had to hit them both with a palm-fron. It was pretty horrible.

But anyway when I get home I will be printing up all kinds of new shirts, and totes, I am even going to try to make a couple of fanny packs and print on those, so be on the lookout!

In other news, a wonderful little gal from the desert out west bought an owl shirt from me...unfortunately the shirt she bought had just been washed and the blue rings around the arms and neck bled onto the white, so I am going to fix it up and send her a couple other little gifts to make it up to her. So thats all the news for now! thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In north carolina...

It feels so wonderful up here, every time I get out here I feel like...hey I think I just might belong here. Not sure if it is north carolina or the fact that my family is here, maybe the mixture of the two. But i'll tell you what.. I sure miss Jared and skizm, I wish they were here then everything would be just perfect. But ill be home in a few days and ill squeeze them both so hard and smooch 'em until they push me away. But until then....

I just watched the movie twilight with emma. Its her favorite movie, quite a romantic movie, definitely makes me want to become a vampire and be in love for ever... Wait should that not of been the point of the movie.... anywho I liked it and I want to be a vampire now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming soon to WhiskedogPrintshop

Hand dyed Wolf printed slips!! oh my god am I excited to print these little lovelies. Be on the lookout later tonight or tomorrow afternoon, I am going to try my hardest and print a couple before I leave town.

I need to print one for myself before I leave for North Carolina tomorrow so I can show it off up in that neck of the woods.

Dang rain I love you so much but right now I need to do things that you are preventing.. grrr.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A customer!

So a little gal from california, purchased a slip with printed feathers that I had just posted a few hours ago. Boy do I feel great right now, thanks so much little lady from santa cruz you made my week!!!

Vintage Treasures

Vintage treasures is the new section I added this morning. I went to the flea market last weekend and stumbled across some amazing finds. A bright red pill box hat, a cloche hat from the 20's, wonderful bloomers....etc. anywho you all should definitely check it out right now, and keep checking up on it because I will be posting more and more items throughout the day! Including hand dyed vintage slips, T-dresses and more!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Done and Done

I finished adhering the film to the screens this evening. Tomorrow I will print this babies, and they are going to look just great. I really love them both and want wolves on everything! I really hope this gang like them as much as I do.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tis decided

So Today I am also going to make hopefully 2 feather head bands and post them up on the shop. I was originally going to just make them to custom orders, but I feel like people would buy them if they could see what it looks like and then they say HEY I want that head band! So by tonight or tomorrow evening, take a look at the shop and you just might see the head band of your dreams!

Breakfast mixed with some dye.

So yesterday was an exciting day, because my good buddy Jack came over and took us around to multiple thrift shops. I never get to do that because I am always on my bicycle, so yesterday was a real treat. PLUS we stopped and got falaffels! yum. But back to the point, at these thrift stores I picked up so many new wonderful slips ( which I already threw in a couple color dye baths), and a pill box hat, and all kinds of other wonderful vintage goodies. So now that I have collected a good amount of vintage articles I will be adding a vintage section to the shop! I am stoked about it. I was also thinking of printing on vintage shirts I had found.

I was wondering if you all would comment on that idea, do you think it would be a good idea to screen print on a couple vintage tops and skirts and purses? Let me know, if yah don't I am going to go ahead and do it anyway.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wolf Screen Update!

I just finished the howling wolf screen, and he looks absolutely amazing. While I was cutting it out today I decided to take some pictures while it was in the process, so I could show everyone just how I do this crazy thing!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So just the other day I sat in front of my sewing machine and made a good amount of pillow cases, all different sizes, I made it with this wonderful cotton canvas colored fabric. Then I went and got myself some fabric dye and started a dye bath last night. I did 3 pillow cases teal, and will do the others today with a wine or a dark green maybe even a peacock blue. But I will be putting prints on them this after noon and posting them on the site later this evening. Defintly exciting I love having pretty things on my bed, and they are just so soft, and they smell great! You guys will totally enjoy them as much as me!

Also! for the ladies.... I just got a bunch of full length slips and I will be printing on them as well this afternoon, so if you are a slip lady like me and plan on wearing nothing but slips this summer, you are in for a treat. Dont forget to go and check it out later!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feathers out the wa-zoo!

I have been playing a lot with feathers recently and have come up with a couple of fantastic headbands. I had been collecting feathers from all over the place and had no idea what I was collecting them for, but I knew I wanted them and that I loved them. I wear a lot of feathers in my hair and silk screen feathers on all kinds of things, shirts, dresses, totes, pillows etc.. So it seemed only right I make the most beautiful bouquet of feathers and glue and sew it onto a head piece.

Originally I had thought of using a small fabric covered head band for the feather pallet but when I couldn't find any at the craft store I had to figure out an alternative. That is when I remembered years ago I used to cut the sleeves off my tee shirts and wear them on my head to hold my hair back. Then I looked down at my pile of cut off sleeves of tee shirts I used to turn into tee dresses, and it just clicked! What a perfect match these two will make, I thought. I then proceeded to make the most wonderful head bands/ small hats anyone could ever ask for. They look great with anything you wear. My friend and I were waitressing the other afternoon and people could not believe how something so elegant looked so great with just a ratty shirt and a pair of jeans.

I am really not trying to toot my own horn here but you gotta check these guys out... They're too wonderful to pass up..

Check out my etsy website for more photos and details.

Crafting and Creating by day... Werewolf by night

I have been giving myself a goal everyday, to make at least one new wonderful thing.. It could be anything, from a feather headband to a couple printed shirts to making pillow cases. Point is I have been crafting a whole lot, and its real stinken fun and great.

SO here is my newest idea for whiskeydog, I have been reading a lot on Mexican Grey wolves.. about how they are the most endangered mammal in North America, there is as few as 52 left in the wild, it really blows my mind hearing something like this. I love wolves.. I think they are such wonderful animals and they are so beautiful, and I really do have such fond feelings for them. Then while I am pondering up some way of making a couple Mexican Grey wolf silk screens and giving an amount of the proceeds to a foundation to help repopulate the wolves, a couple of fellas from arizona request a custom order of a wolf print on a few cardigans, so here I am today sitting my butt on the floor drawing a hundred different wolves until I draw the perfect wolf.