Monday, April 20, 2009

I am home and busy as ever!

So I got home on Saturday night. I had a real good time up there and I miss them all very much so already. While I was up there a gal bought a shirt from me, and the day I got home another gal bought a headband offa me. Also I need to finish printing those cardigans and get those photos up today. Also a birthday package I just remembered! SO all in all I have a whole lotta stuff to do and get sent out by tomorrow I hope to have them sent out. I am really trying to get things out surprisingly fast and I want to figure out a little free gift to throw into the package to show my appreciation for them taking interest in the stuff I make. No one knows how amazing it makes me feel to be doing all of this and people appreciating it enough to spend some money on it

After tomorrow, after I send out all these packages I am going to make a new screen!! wooo yay isn't that exciting?! You all will just love it! I am going to leave it a surprise until it is finished!

To come this week------WOLF SHIRTS/SLIPS