Thursday, June 11, 2009

BIG upcommings!

I am finishing up my 2 custom order projects that have taken a little more time than expected.. but thats ok they look really stinken great! The screen of Andy came out perfectly, and the logo for cares4pets adoption is looking really swell. So I will have those all finished and sent out by monday.

Then!! I will be getting together a whole swarm of new things, I havnt been posting new items so you all think Ive been slacking but really I have been collecting, dying, and rebuilding.. I am setting up a day filled with cocktails, slips, bloomers,dresses hats, accessories, feathers and buddies and my camera of course and take all new photos even retake some photos of some garments already posted, Hopefully I will keep up with this tradition of once a month throwing this hoohah and getting all my adorable pals to come over and get a little sauced and act like models for me... theyre so sweet. But I am so excited that, WhiskeyDog is going to look better than ever.