Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Amanda

here are a few of the sketches, they are all very simple basic lines right now, after you choose which one you like I will make one more drawing showing where the ink will go how it will be cut out so on and so fourth.. sooo lemme know if you like any of these ideas if not I do not mind going back to the drawing board... literally

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well ok!

So I have slacked off the past couple of days, we went to rainbow river springs and went tubing and it was awesome the water was gorgeously crystal clear and cold and it was wonderful... to top if off i saw 6 otters! Boy were they too cute for words.. I definitely was having little cute attacks every time I saw one. Next time totally bringing the water camera for excellent photos.

I got a custom order request the other day from a little lady,Amanda who is too sweet, and I cant wait to get to know her a bit more. She purchased 4 shirts and requested I make a screen of her pup Andy with his Frisbee , and print 10 t-shirts. I sent out her package the other day and added some little extra thank yous in there including a screen print of my doggie Skizm. I am so excited about this project its right up my alley, just the thing I love to do. She sent me the photos today and I am about to get started on drawing him now. I'll give you all the play by play as it goes on.

In other projects, I have so many ideas and no time to work on all of them, But more headbands and bloomers are on the top of that list. Also I have been looking for a cheap but good adjustable mannequin so I can make some of these dresses real and not just sitting in my imagination so if anyone has the scoop on something like that let a lady know!

Friday, May 8, 2009

For denver


Here are the cardigans for the fellahs I'll number them and you can just tell me which number you want to buy and ill send it to yah.

wolf cardigans for the sweetest little gal.. the first one is real super soft has wonderful buttons on it and is a little smaller than the second.. the second is a zip up cardigan and is made with wool and acrylic

Finally slowing down...

Things were a little crazy here the past few days, a couple of our pals from asheville NC came into town and we went to the beach everyday, and Sadye left her doggie Sam with us while they go to south america. Then I worked a couple of days and it was Jareds birthday and we went to Myakka state park in sarasota florida, and we saw so many alligators and other animals it was great! I will be posting the pictures on my mixxmade site and flickr site. So coming soon really awesome photos by MLE

But today Jared went to work, and it is time for me to get to work 3 packages to send out (hopefully to the right address..sometimes i am such a nit wit) and a couple of veggie tote bags to make before sunday for the place I work at on the weekends..

Also the other afternoon my pal katie and i were biking home from work when we noticed the colleges let out and holy crap did I score some wonderful goodies from their dumpster cans. These amazing huge feather pallets with hundreds of different colroed and sized feathers, I almost peed my pants when we found them. So I need to get to it and sit down and bust out a few headbands. I already owe 3 to some ladies and I want to make some to post for some selling too.. But anywho this blog is about me getting my butt on track so freakin do it MLE!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

someone featured me in their treasurey!

i feel so special!

New posting of new creation!

So I needed a good pair of bloomers, summer is here and yah cant doubt that a skirt is the coolest thing you can wear, and you know when you ride a bike some people like to hoot n holler at you showing some skin, when you cant help it you are just trying to get to work god damnit!, or the grocery store, or anywhere when you dont gotta vehicle. So I got plain tired of, plus honestly i just love the look of bloomers hangin outta your skirt, too cute for me. So i look all over and cant ever find bloomers, when one day i realize "Hey i can make these my damn self!" and so i went home, went through my quite impressive collection of slips and dyed it and cut it down the middle and sewed it up and made it some bloomers, it has changed my life so i figured i should share this with the world... by making them for them... SO go and check them out, more pairs and sizes and colors coming soon!

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