Friday, April 24, 2009

wow sale numba 5

I can't believe this quickly out of nowhere people have been buying things from me.. I never thought it would make me feel this damn awesome! thanks everyone for being so god damn swell and appreciating me and buying things from me, you make me feel like the most specialist lady in the whole universe.

buck up buckaroo

Our cat gordon as been missing now for a week and a half, and I have been keeping myself and my mind so busy to not let it really set in that hes most likely gone for good. But now I cant keep myself from thinking about him. So there it is I am admitting my own defeat and caving in to it, but first step is admitting it right??

I know everyone out there is thinkin hes just a cat, but he sure wasnt just a cat. Skizm raised him and zelda since they were tiny kittens, lying infront of the closet picking them up ever so gently when he got out and would return them to the closet, he loves them. They both picked up alot of dog characteristics. Gordon.. he loves water ever since he was a baby he would jump into the shower with me and sit in the back and get completely soaked, he climbs into the sink as soon as i finish the dishes and sits under the stream of water trying to catch it going down the drain. Here some photos just so you can see how lovely of a man he is.

Feathers how I love feathers!

Here is the feather head sleeve I made for a gal named cherry who lives in CT I believe is where I sent it. Its gorgeous, i got to use to bluejay feathers my pal Doug collected for me. I tried fancing it up for her, I didnt leave any seams raw, I hemmed everything. I sure hope she loves it