Monday, June 29, 2009

Last few days of Sale!!

I am having a buy anything in my shop get another anything in my shop 1/2 off sale!! I am trying to clean up my sewing table/shelves/closet to make room for all the treasures I have been working on! SO go and check it out and if you see a couple things you like just let me know and I will change the price and put a reserved for you title on the item!!

I am busting my butt these next couple of days making a whole lot of different sized and colored bloomers and feather accessories and t dresses! I am doing a shoot with them this week and hopefully will have all sorts of new things to post at the end of the week. I am so thrilled for this shoot day.. I asked a bunch of my adorable gal pals to come on over and I will make a couple pitchers of yummy sangria and brandy with orange slices and lime, then we will dress up in slips and bloomers and vintage dresses and hats and go down to the park and take wonderful photos... soo keep an extra special eye on WhiskeyDogPrintShop this coming week!