Thursday, August 20, 2009

Postal Bike for Sale!

Aug 16th photoshoot items posted on etsy!

Really fun shoot this weekend, Got pictures of at least 20 items and posted them on the etsy site. The photos came out real great and the girls did a wonderful job.. I hope to do one more before i leave town! Pictures will be posted real soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun/Goofy idea to keep myself busy on the road....

I am going to add a listing on my Etsy to buy a pen pal.. the pen pal would be me.. and the deal would be that ill send you letters in the mail of little trinkets i have found along the way or drawings on napkins i will be doing and collecting flowers ill be pressing arrowheads ill be finding feathers ill be snatching.. etc.. you get the point and You get to decide how many of these little treasure filled envelopes you get.. I will probably do something like 5 bucks gets yah 1 letter 10 will get ya 4 you know something along those lines... I dont know if anyone would be into it.. but i think it would be a ton of fun for me and if it were me recieving the letters.. id be totally stoked about it.. So I will post it and we will see...

Finished Record Label Order

Here is the finalproject for Feels like Home Records.. 15 shirts, they ended up looking pretty darn good. I had alot of trouble with the cut out... the first one I tried to adhere it messed up on the lettering and the back of one log. I then had to cut out the whole image all over again and re adhere it.. I was real close to the due time before a show the record label had that night, but I did it and they look great..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new crafts!!

Go MLE Go! I am really trying to get down on myself and get crackin with a particular routine for everyday until I leave town.. I have so many ideas to create and so many screens to build and print before I got and leave them all behind... So everyday I need to make or start/finish making 3 things.. So today I have got 3 dresses going and finishing up a new feather headband which I feel is almost prettier than the rest!!! Also I started posting some of my strange crafts and my own personal vintage clothes and shoes on my Etsy in hopes someone will give them a loving home.. Soo basically what I am getting to is pay attention to my etsy for all kinds of new goodies!!