Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feathers out the wa-zoo!

I have been playing a lot with feathers recently and have come up with a couple of fantastic headbands. I had been collecting feathers from all over the place and had no idea what I was collecting them for, but I knew I wanted them and that I loved them. I wear a lot of feathers in my hair and silk screen feathers on all kinds of things, shirts, dresses, totes, pillows etc.. So it seemed only right I make the most beautiful bouquet of feathers and glue and sew it onto a head piece.

Originally I had thought of using a small fabric covered head band for the feather pallet but when I couldn't find any at the craft store I had to figure out an alternative. That is when I remembered years ago I used to cut the sleeves off my tee shirts and wear them on my head to hold my hair back. Then I looked down at my pile of cut off sleeves of tee shirts I used to turn into tee dresses, and it just clicked! What a perfect match these two will make, I thought. I then proceeded to make the most wonderful head bands/ small hats anyone could ever ask for. They look great with anything you wear. My friend and I were waitressing the other afternoon and people could not believe how something so elegant looked so great with just a ratty shirt and a pair of jeans.

I am really not trying to toot my own horn here but you gotta check these guys out... They're too wonderful to pass up..

Check out my etsy website for more photos and details.

Crafting and Creating by day... Werewolf by night

I have been giving myself a goal everyday, to make at least one new wonderful thing.. It could be anything, from a feather headband to a couple printed shirts to making pillow cases. Point is I have been crafting a whole lot, and its real stinken fun and great.

SO here is my newest idea for whiskeydog, I have been reading a lot on Mexican Grey wolves.. about how they are the most endangered mammal in North America, there is as few as 52 left in the wild, it really blows my mind hearing something like this. I love wolves.. I think they are such wonderful animals and they are so beautiful, and I really do have such fond feelings for them. Then while I am pondering up some way of making a couple Mexican Grey wolf silk screens and giving an amount of the proceeds to a foundation to help repopulate the wolves, a couple of fellas from arizona request a custom order of a wolf print on a few cardigans, so here I am today sitting my butt on the floor drawing a hundred different wolves until I draw the perfect wolf.