Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy gloomy days make good crafting days..

Here is the outcome of my rainy day,

 upcycled used to be curtains now 50's inspired summer time romper with pleated bottoms

Big box of Goodies going to Portland OR...

To a couple of AMAZING shops that are kind enough to have my wares in their stores. Mag-Big, and Peacock you should find their stores on the ole facebook and befriend them! But here are a couple of photos of everything right before I sent it out

Upcycled vintage nightgown turned Ruffled Butt Romper

Upcycled Vintage Nightgown turned Ruffled Butt Romper

I really need to remember to take before and after photos...but this time use your imagination... This was a huge nightgown/moomoo, it caught my eye because of the amazing lace neckline I thought, well that deserves a new life. So I took it home cut and sliced it up and used remaining skirt and magically turned them into ruffles and POOF this is what came out.