Thursday, April 28, 2011

pcycled Vintage curtains turned 50s Inspired Sweetheart Halter Pleated Romper Project

Upcycled Vintage curtains turned 50s Inspired Sweetheart Halter Pleated Romper...
this one available here:

Sooo super fun project! I really need to start taking before pictures, I know I always say that but I mean it this time and next time I won't be saying that sentence at all!  So I was at the thrift shop the other day and saw these amazing coral pinkish colored curtains with white box pleated bottoms accented with olive green ribbons and thought "oh my..mine" and took them home and threw them on the sewing table knowing something great needed to happen right then. Instead I ate dinner with my sweet lovey man and went to sleep but the next morning I awoke to a beautiful vision and the vision was.... this romper!!! SO I took the take off of work :) it was kinda sorta raining so can't really blame me and I got to work on this beaut!

I made it a sweetheart top and added bust darts in the top and coming up from the waist line. I accented the top of the bust line with some of the pleated bottom curtain I had cut and used for the bottom of the bloomers.Also using the green ribbon used on the pleated bottom now at the top of bustline. To give it the real 50s feel I used the top edging of the curtain as the halter for the bodice .I made the high waisted bloomers from both bottoms of the set of curtains and added a zipper going up the left side making it an extremely accessible romper! All in all a super fun project took me a good little bit of time but I do think I can do it again and improve on things Heres the finished project!!