Saturday, September 19, 2009

In New Hampshire.

In new hapshire doing an apple harvest. We drove our little 86 tercel that jared put back together up and over the mountains into new england. We have been here for a couple weeks now and finally getting the hang of living in a tent in the woods and waking up at the break of dawn and picking apples till dusk 6 days a week. Everyday I strive to do better and pick better apples, I may not be the fastest picker but I am definitely the reddest picker. I will be posting photos of the bunk house and the orchards and of us with our buckets 50 lbs heavy with apples and shit eatting grins on our faces.

WhiskeyDog is on hold until the end of harvest(the end of October). I got the bunkhouse a sewing machine at the flea market and brought my hot glue gun, wood burning tool, felt, and feathers so hopefully a few projects will come out of my time here but pretty much other than work all i can do is sleep..

Updates will be posted.