Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All caught up!

And time to start making some new things, out of yummy colors of felt!! I was thinking of little animals which consist of stuffing and sand to stand up. Also found a couple shirts with their top half cut off, which of course i snatched right away and printed on them, now I am constructing an amazing comfortable top and it gave me a wonderful idea including summerdresses and suspenders!

I have so many ideas, i need a book just to jot everything down as it pops up. Point is I have booked a showcase spot on the 26th and I really want to get a bunch of new stuff up before then. I just printed and dyed so many slips I need to do a photoshoot, hopefully pop out a couple of headbands before then too.. oh geez i need a nother me!

thinking about...

buying some fancy shirts from american apparel and selling them for a bit more on the shop, because well some people like those brand new fancier shirts to the recycled ones, also it will give me sizes and colors to choose from.. bad idea or good idea?