Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall/Winter Checklist

I have SO many ideas and wants to make this fall/winter season so I am just going to go ahead and list my ideas, and check them off as I go, Please feel free to add you ideas of what you'd like to see!
  • Bow Ties/Neck Ties
  • FishTail Skirts
  • Thigh/Sock Garter Suspenders
  • Dress' with hoods
  • High Waist Pants
  • Western Style Mens AND Womens button up shirts
  • Sweater knit jersey cotton stockings
  • to be continued


Just put together some extra lovely fall accessories!

I use an amazing sweater knit jersey cotton fabric double layered, so it will act not only as an amazingly cute hat, but also as ear warmers/protectors, but the fabric is not too heavy so its perfect for all the states!

The cool weather is upon us time for all those fun winter accessories we only get to use mildly.