Friday, June 29, 2012

Saved by the Bell Dress

So I just collected this AMAZING fabric, its crazy light weight, soft and comfortable and I now want to make EVERYTHING from it. Seriously you should see my list of "too makes" out of this stuff! But so far I have been making this insanely comfortable mini maxi dresses, which I like to call a "saved by the bell dress" due to the dresses kelly,lisa and jesse were constantly wearing. Here are a couple examples of the dress! More colors and prints to come!

Available here!

Lets Catch Up

So for a while there I was M.I.A but now I am back! After a long apple harvest my beau and I decided our time at the farm/orchard has met its end and it is time for us to find our own little nest somewhere. Originally we were trying to a little house with some acreage in North Carolina. So we spent a few months there bouncing around looking at places, continuously falling in love with homes and imagining our own little farm happening there, only to have our dreams smashed by someone with a lot more money then we had. SO after a few months of constant let downs we came back down to our home town St.Petersburg Florida where we found a little old house with a big front and back yard that would be perfect for us.

SO here we are now with a small urban farm, and our old house with its constant fun renovating projects, with our dog and our new kitty Rocky. Best thing about this house is I have my very own sewing studio!

Also I am finally trying to fully dedicate myself to my work. I have not scooped up another job just yet so I can actually try to put my complete self into this. So far its been a lot of organizing and planning, but I have been creating new things and it feels so good.

Just a couple photos of the beginning of my sewing studio