Sunday, March 28, 2010

First posting in months!

And it feels great!! Was able to photograph 3 clips and a dress I had been working on for quite some time and post them onto etsy. Its been close to 3 months since I have posted anything on the site, but I sure am going to try my hardest to keep on myself to continue posting. I have all kinds of shirts (thanks to trace!) to print and post in the next few days. And lots and lots of slips just in time for the spring! Lord knows I am ready to not wear layers upon layers of clothes and pull out all my cutesy slips and wear only them for the rest of the year.

So take a peak at the shop and keep an eye on it for some really good upcoming treats!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

coming out of hibernation

SO here I am back at the apple farm not as a seasonal migrant worker but as a full time year round apple tree caretaker. We are finishing up our season of pruning the dormant trees. I have moved into the bunkhouse and have made it my home.

I set up a sewing table in one corner and a printing table in the other corner. I am offically all ready to start helping whiskeydog come out of her hibernation.

Thanks to my ever inspiring ever motivating pal tracy who last weekend brought me all kinds of t shirts to print, I have a good supply of read to be printed apparel. Not to mention all the amazing slips and bloomers I have been finding at the thrift shop down the street.

I started messing around with linoleum block printing instead of silkscreening. It takes so less supplies and its what I had, and well i LOVE it!! I do miss my silk screens but im going to ask my mom to send them up to me. I have found a whole new love and appreciation for birds so my main focus on the linoleum is cutting out birds, all the birds i see everyday in the orchards and out my window.

So to go along with the linoleum block printing I am not only going to print them on clothing, but I intend on making postcards and stationary as well.

Along with those bright ideas I plan on making a good stock of spats,maxi pads, feather accessories and custom rubber stamps!!!

so everyone cross your fingers and give me some words of encouragement every now and again and remind me how much i love to do this and why the hell am i just sitting around!!