Friday, May 1, 2009

someone featured me in their treasurey!

i feel so special!

New posting of new creation!

So I needed a good pair of bloomers, summer is here and yah cant doubt that a skirt is the coolest thing you can wear, and you know when you ride a bike some people like to hoot n holler at you showing some skin, when you cant help it you are just trying to get to work god damnit!, or the grocery store, or anywhere when you dont gotta vehicle. So I got plain tired of, plus honestly i just love the look of bloomers hangin outta your skirt, too cute for me. So i look all over and cant ever find bloomers, when one day i realize "Hey i can make these my damn self!" and so i went home, went through my quite impressive collection of slips and dyed it and cut it down the middle and sewed it up and made it some bloomers, it has changed my life so i figured i should share this with the world... by making them for them... SO go and check them out, more pairs and sizes and colors coming soon!

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